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Driving ATV through Water


highlands hiking trails

Various hiking trails including, circuit of 5 view points, frost centre, james cooper lookout, beech river walking, alven ferguson, highlands ridge trail, beetle lake trail, log chute trail, crest of kennisis

Visit My Haliburton Highlands


haliburton forest & wildlife

Enjoy mountain biking, bird watching, a walk in the clouds, the wolf centre, walking trails and more!

Visit Haliburton Forest & Wildlife



A.t.v. rental and tour

Fully governed & safe, choose from several trails, trail safety & ethical requirements met. Visit Haliburton ATV Association

On-site facilities

Little Hawk Resort is a perfect getaway for the entire family. Situated in a beautiful, natural setting, our resort is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. With a sandy beachfront and a variety of water activities, you can enjoy swimming, fishing, boating, and so much more. Little Hawk has it all: a water trampoline, a slide into the water, and plenty of room to explore the outdoors. Come visit us and let the fun begin


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